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Benefits of a Gaming Computer

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Computers can be used for many tasks including using them to do work as well as play games. A gaming computer has certain advantages, needs specific types of components and requires the proper amount of planning. A gaming computer can be purchased from a manufacturer or it can be custom built.

Many computer games continue to advance to take advantage of new technology that becomes available for computer systems. A computer game takes advantage of the processing power of the computer as well as the graphics capabilities of the video card. Building a gaming computer has many advantages including obtaining better performance, saving money as as well as learning how computer components work together. A gaming computer's requirements are based on the type software and hardware components that are going to be used. Computer components can be found online at a site such as Newegg (

Components that are used in the computer is probably the most important factor to consider when building a gaming computer. Components can include the motherboard, processor, sound card as well as the video or graphics card. A gaming computer should have a minimum of 2 gigabytes of RAM and at least a 500 gigabyte hard drive. A large capacity hard drive is needed for games that need to be installed from a CD or DVD disk. Hard drives are available from various manufacturers such as Seagate and Western Digital. The motherboard needs to be able to support a fast CPU such as an Intel Core Duo or an AMD Phenon. A sound card should be capable of surround sound or digital audio and a video card should have up to 512 megabytes of video memory.

Planning for the future should also be part of the process of building a gaming computer. A gaming computer needs to be able to be upgraded in the future to add newer components. This can include a faster processor as well as a new sound or video card. A motherboard will require three to four PCI expansion slots to add additional internal peripheral cards to the machine. The motherboard can also be replaced if a newer board offers more functionality than the old one that was used. Upgrading is part of the experience and will be cheaper than building a whole new gaming computer.

A gaming computer can be custom built or purchased directly from a manufacturer. Building a custom gaming computer is usually cheaper because parts can be found online at cheaper prices. However, those who do not want to take the time or effort to build their own gaming computer can by one from HP or Dell.

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