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Obtaining cell phone service in Alaska could prove to be a difficult task. It is largely dependent on where you reside in the state, as some of Alaska may only be covered by one, or no, provider. There are a few cell phone providers in Alaska that dominate the market. These would be Alaska Communications System (operated by Verizon Wireless), Alaska Digitel, and Alaska Wireless Communications, LLC. We will take a look at each company, and help cell phone seekers in choosing the correct provider.

Alaska Communication Systems (ACS) is the state's largest cell phone provider. Its coverage provides wireless options to customers in the Southeast (Juneau area), South Central (Fairbanks area) the Anchorage area, the North Slope (Prudhoe Bay and surrounding areas), and Central areas of the state. ACS also offers high speed Internet and landline telephone service to its customers. ACS offers free nights and weekend calls and unlimited mobile to mobile calling.

Alaska Digitel is ACS' biggest competitor. Their coverage area is very similar to that of ACS, but they currently only offer cellular phone service. This company offers cheaper plans with more minutes available each month, but they do not provide customers with free nights and weekends calls or unlimited mobile to mobile like ACS. In state long distance is included in all of their plans. The phone selection is similar to ACS, but they are typically more expensive with Digitel. Like ACS, Digitel offers prepaid options to its customers.

The third major provider is Alaska Wireless, LLC. Its coverage area is considerably smaller than the others' areas, with its service located only in the Dutch Harbor area. Alaska Wireless' plans are quite expensive and offer a low number of minutes each month. Customers are allowed to roam on other providers' networks in Alaska and other US states for a small fee. The company is also looking into offering residents of Dutch Harbor wireless Internet solutions.

As you can see, cell phone service is limited to just a few companies. Who you can choose to do business with depends largely on where in the state you live. Alaska Communication Systems is the largest provider, but it may be a bit more expensive than its competitor, Alaska Digitel. Alaska Wireless, LLC is another big name in cellular service, but its coverage is based solely in the Dutch Harbor area. Research each company's offerings, and choose the provider that meets your needs best!

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