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Comparing Ubid and Ebay

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"Comparing Ubid and Ebay"
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eBay and uBid: mortal enemies? Can they coexist? As it happens, despite their similar functions and names, eBay and uBid fulfill different needs in this vast internet of ours.

The main difference between the two auction giants is simple. In order to sell on eBay, you need a computer, an email address, and gumption. uBid requires considerably more. It's meant exclusively for merchants, which means you need a D&B number and 3 references from suppliers, vendors, or bankers who will confirm that you are a business.

As a buyer, you will be subjected to considerably less scrutiny. But this still isn't eBay, pal! You'll need a verified credit card on file to place bids. That way, you can't skip out on your obligations.

What does all of this mean for buyers and sellers? Here's a breakdown of how eBay and uBid compare on important issues.

  1. Security

Buyers can uBid with relative confidence, knowing that the sellers have a business license. It's much easier for uBid to track down and demand payment from the shifty sellers.

Sellers on uBid can rest easy, knowing that the buyer won't skip out on his obligation to pay.

Meanwhile, eBay is a jungle. Pretty much anyone can sell, and eBay has very little interest in prosecuting people who never ship, or ship broken items. Buyers have to rely on feedback left by other users, which may or may not be accurate.

Sellers on eBay can never be sure if the buyer will pay. Again, eBay won't put much effort into prosecution, other than an "unpaid item" strike on someone's profile. Like buyers, sellers must rely exclusively on user-left feedback.

  2. Good Deals

uBid is populated by merchants with good business sense. Unlike private individuals trying to clean out their attics, they're very unlikely to take a huge loss. While most auctions start low, they will be driven higher as the end draws near.

eBay, while partially overtaken by merchants and business, still has a strong core of individual users who treat the site as a nationwide garage sale. Fantastic deals can be found by persistent searchers.

So, in the eBay vs. uBid battle, who reigns supreme? It all depends on your individual priorities and needs. Happy bidding!

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