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First Trojan Virus Hits Android Phones

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"First Trojan Virus Hits Android Phones"
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If you own an Android phone you need to particularly careful you do not catch the new Trojan virus.  This new virus is thought to be the first affecting the Android smartphone.  A Trojan virus is a type of virus which disguises itself in the form of downloads. These downloads can be sent via email, attachments, or via chat messaging applications.  The user is conned into thinking they are getting a free download, and therefore they click the link and the Trojan takes charge of their cell phone.  This can have several disastrous consequences for the owner including stolen identity and bank details.

The Kaspersky Lab, who are experts in cyber security identified the Trojan virus infecting the Google Android on August 10th as Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer-A.  The Trojan, originating in Russia is sent via SMS to Google Android users, informing them to download the 13KB media player application.  As soon as the user downloads this media player application containing the virus, the Trojan sends SMS messages to premium rate numbers giving the user a massive phone bill.  The designers and senders of the Trojan benefit by getting a share of the phone bill.

If you reside in Russia and have been received a SMS with a media application attached do not download it. If you were unfortunate enough to download it then you will be suffering from the consequences of excessive phone charges. The best thing to do is to contact your Android supplier for information on how to remove this particular Trojan virus and how to be reimbursed for the premium rate calls you did not make.  If Google want to keep their share of mobile phone market they will have to oblige and do all they can to help customers.

Google will be extremely embarrassed after their latest disaster, which only comes one week after Google Wave folded.  They had bid to make a phone which was secure and free from Trojans and viruses but did not succeed. Viruses and Trojans are rife throughout the internet infecting mainly computer systems and some cell phones. The Android smartphone may be the newest device to suffer from the dreaded Trojan virus, but it will not be the last. No doubt in future this will increase the development and sale of anti-virus programs for cell phones.  The Kaspersky Lab themselves are planning to roll out a new anti-virus program for mobile phones at the beginning of 2011 to deal with Trojans and virus.

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