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Glow Doodle Snake Iphone App Review Ipad Ipod Touch Mega Snake 2 Hd Free Game Nokia Mobile Snake

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"Glow Doodle Snake Iphone App Review Ipad Ipod Touch Mega Snake 2 Hd Free Game Nokia Mobile Snake"
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Glow Doodle Snake is a game in which players take control of a hungry snake and must guide it around a square map collecting food and avoiding hitting the wall or its own tail. The snake grows larger with every piece of food it eats, making the game harder. The game was released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by NER Brothers. It is currently free to download; however this is for a short time only. There is a sequel to the game entitled Mega Snake 2 HD.

Glow Doodle Snake is another example of the classic Nokia mobile phone game Snake. This version of the game only expands on the classic game in terms of graphical representation of the game. The game has two different designs (with seasonal designs available too) and three control methods, utilizing the touch screen capabilities of the iPhone. The aim of the game is to eat as much food as possible before the player hits the wall or their own tail. Occasionally bonus food will appear giving the player chance to make extra points.

Glow Doodle Snake is named because of the two modes the player can play in. The Glow mode takes place on a black background with all of the items emitting a glow stick style glow, giving a modern feel to the game. The Doodle mode takes players on graph paper and the food is round in this mode. This gives the impression of a quickly drawn simple game, as with most doodle games.

There are also two game modes to play through: Open and Closed. Open mode allows the player to crawl through the walls of the maze and instantly appear on the opposite side. The Closed mode causes the game to be over if the player touches the wall.

There are three control methods: Touch, Touch 2 and Joystick. The Touch settings give the player directional arrows to press. Touch only gives the two options available to the player, so that when they are moving up and down, only left and right are displayed and vice versa. Touch 2 gives the player all of the arrows at the same time, making the control slightly more natural. The Joystick allows the player to slide in the direction they wish to move.

The graphics of the game are pretty poor, but then the doodle theme leads to this by design. The user interface and the way the menu moves into the game are very good however and really gives the game a natural feel. The sound effects are apt and do not overpower the player. The game play is limited because the genre is limited. Glow Doodle Snake is a good game while it is free, but there are simply not enough changes to the original Snake game to make it worth paying for.


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