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Guide to Finding Local Live Webcams

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"Guide to Finding Local Live Webcams"
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Whether you are a voyeur or want to check the waves at Waikiki before heading down to the beach live webcams are becoming the window to the world for many internet addicts. There are many ways to find live webcams online and the way you go about seeking them out will depend partly on the purpose of your mission.

Three helpful webcam search sites are listed below:

• EarthCam at

This is a good place to start when you are looking for live webcams in your area. Here you will find a search engine for numerous live streaming webcams set up across the United States and around the world. Whether you feel like watching the fish swimming in the Giant Ocian Tank at the New England Aquarium, watch the passing traffic in Trafalgar Square or checking the traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge, Earthwatch helps you find the webcam and keep it in your MyEarthcam list. You can also upload your own webcam to the site by following a few simple steps.

Comment: To search for a specific locality, enter the city or suburb into the search box. If there are local live webcams online in that area they will be listed with an image representative of that webcam. You need Flash media player to view cams.

• Camscape at

This site provides a webcam directory for free and user-pays webcams world wide. Camscape claims to be the most up to date site available for live local webcams. The directory lists webcams under different categories which simplifies searching. If you are browsing you might like to check out the highest rated webcams or the most popular cams or you might like to search for cams by a specific country or locality. There is a link other webcam sites such as webcam chat and adult content live webcams.

In response to the plethora of webcams that do not provide 'family friendly' viewing, Camscape has recently launched Camstreaming which provides access to personal webcams from around the world. Sites containing adult content or too many pop up advertisements are filtered out, leaving live streaming cams divided in to the categories: personal, commercial, scenery, pet and live. Though there are less than two hundred cams on offer right now, you can still view live web cam streamed directly from the top of an 18 wheeler or check out what the locals are doing on Main Street, Rutherglen in Scotland or decide what the fish in the aquaricam will have tonight for tea.

Comment: This site has a very modern, family friendly feel to it. Many of the sites have chat capability which allows you to chat with the owner of the cam online.

• CamVista at

This is an older style web directory providing links to thousands of live local webcams. It is quite functional and easy to use. Simply type the location or name of the live webcam you are interested in viewing into the keyword search bar and a list of matches is returned. Even if you can't get out and about right now, feel like you are part of the action via live local webcams, for example, you can check out what the lads are up to at Belushi's Bar on Russell Street, Edinburgh or watch your friends wave to you from the Leicester Square cam.What ever the reason, armchair travel is taking on a whole new dimension with the advent of live local webcams. Get out and explore the planet from the comfort of your own living room, now you have no excuse for not exploring different cultures and local hot spots.

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