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Has Society become Controlled by Technology – No

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"Has Society become Controlled by Technology - No"
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Rather than asking if society has been directly controlled by the technology at hand, it should be asked if different aspects of society use technology to control the other members. In this case, yes, technology does control society. But to stay true to the original question, it is certain that technology by itself does not control.

Yet contrary to the thought people still fell naked and uncomfortable when they are without their gadgets and tools. When the power goes off or the internet is down, people who are used to world interaction suddenly feel very alone and isolated. This particular feeling is not due to the lax of control over them, but the collapse of a socialization network. Even gamers feel the pain from the separation of their entertainment, but it is not a life numbing affect. In either case those involved are free to pursue interaction or entertainment outside their enclosed environment.

For those who insist that technology does control, why do they? Are these people who feel that they themselves are victims of a control network they themselves have no power over? Or is it an excuse to use when responsibility is no longer a luxury but a prison sentence? Because it was a computer oriented problem the user was not at fault for the wrongs or ill-effects. Can the same be said with a gun and the man that pulled the trigger, saying that it was the gun that had control over him and he followed its whim? It is that kind of absurdity.

Humans have the control if they understand how to control. A person in a car will not manage the car if they do not exhibit control over it, often leading to very non-desirable outcomes. The car has no sentience that makes it decide it wants to end itself over a cliff. If such circumstance happens then it is not because of choice, but error. Higher forms of technology are much the same.

In life there are people and their tools. If people can't control their tools and they go awry, then it is the controllers fault. Technology does not make the decisions that influence us negatively. Even the higher forms of technology and computer systems act on system parameters and patterns that were developed by human hand. Within these systems that most fear control are entire operations of logi dictated by no other but human influence and logic. Until there exists an artificial intelligence that decides logic and behavioral patterns otherwise to its creator, this is the truth.

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