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Has Society become Controlled by Technology – Yes

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"Has Society become Controlled by Technology - Yes"
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I believe society has indeed become controlled by technology. I challenge anyone to tell me they do not use technology for anything in their everyday life. What is technology? Technically, all electrical appliances and machinery count as technology. When you boil the kettle to make a cup of tea, you're using technology to do it.

If we take 'technology' to mean computers and programmed equipment, we see that technology is prevalent in and an integral part of today's society. We live in an age where job prospects are becoming increasingly dependent on having computer skills. This often requires you to have access to a computer, either at home or in the workplace, or both. We rely on electricity to run power stations, sewage systems and hospitals. These are elements of daily society that we cannot live without.

With banks closing earlier every year, many of us rely on Internet banking. Most of us have opted out of paper statements, so everything is stored on the computer. So are our email communications. Many people use programs like Skype to speak to friends and family, even those who may be abroad. Were an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) ever used as a weapon, society as we know it would literally fall apart. All data would be irrevocably lost, and we would have to start again. Communication would fail, sickness would be rife and we would feel as though we were in the Dark Ages.

Hospitals employ technology every day, to treat patients and to keep them alive. This technology is complex and expensive, but a necessary part of today's medical system. If a city were to lose power, and the hospital back up failed, we would have no emergency medical care. People would die, purely because there was no technology available. Many people use medical equipment at home to monitor their condition. With no power, how are they able to do this effectively?

When our power goes out, or our Internet connection is lost, society seems to begin crumbling before our eyes. Suddenly there's no TV, no heating, we can't cook, and can't call anybody. Most people would say they fear being without their mobile phone or Internet connection, largely because it cuts off their social network. How many of us have vowed not to bring the mobile on holiday to get a break from it? How many of us then miss the darned thing after a few hours?

Society is held together by an infrastructure of technology. Our increasing independence on gadgets and computer systems leaves us terrified of the consequences of an EMP, natural disaster or other major incident. Businesses rely so heavily on technology that often problems with power supply or appliances mean the shops have to close and lose trade. The loss of one day's trade can be enormous for the economy, and small businesses may fail to recover.

Whilst all these gadgets and systems make our lives easier, it only takes one person to pull the plug and everything we know and love falls apart. For the sake of future generations, we need to implement seemingly old-fashioned methods as a back up. Technology is not invincible, and neither are we. If the issue of Global Warming doesn't pull your heart strings, think about the fact that solar and wind power can continue to run with or without electricity and gadgets.

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