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Like many big corporations, Sun Microsystems began in a small way. The story of SUN started at the Stanford University. In fact the word SUN is an acronym derived from Stanford University Network. Sun began as the germ of an idea that Andreas (Andy) Bechtolsheim had when he designed a Unix workstation. He had created a basic design when he was still studying at the Stanford University.

He teamed up with three other computer engineers Scott McNealy, Vinod Khosla, William  Joy. It was the team of these four persons who developed the first Unix workstation. In those days, this was a novel and revolutionary concept.  SUN started designing Unix workstations for its customers which included leading telecom, banking and financial corporations. SUN was incorporated as a company in 1982, and went public in 1986.

Thus, what began as a vision of one man, Andreas Bechtolsheim, to develop which, he teamed up with three other geniuses, began to grow into what was to be a gigantic techno-commercial entity by the name Sun Microsystems. To give a boost to the then novel concept of Unix workstations, SUN also developed the NFS (Network File Sharing) which it licensed free, and opened a new realm of network computing. In 1991 it presented the Solaris operating system.

Early on in its history Sun combined innovation in response to market needs. This flexibility propelled the company to grow fast in its initial years and ride through the vicissitudes like the dotcom bubble bust. Another reason why SUN could endure these dynamic market conditions was that it specialized in what it could do best by delivering quality UNIX workstations. Keeping the product cost-effective was another ace in SUN’s marketing strategy.

In 1985, SUN expanded its operations into Canada and went public in 1986. It was after the company went public that the logo which has come to be associated with Sun was introduced. This logo with the word SUN using only one character, aligned in four angles has become the most recognizable face of SUN.  In the same year SUN also started serving the Australian and Asian markets. The 1990s were the decade of fast paced growth for SUN. Within a decade from its inception in 1982, SUN had sold one million systems to different customers across the globe. This was a high point in SUN’s growth story.

While SUN endured the dotcom bust, it did adversely affect its business. This was reflected on the Stock Exchanges, where SUN’s stock plummeted to one tenth its former levels.

But the inherent foundations in presenting innovative technology saw the corporation through these difficult times. The wave of mergers and acquisitions that swept through the post dotcom period also affected SUN. Recently in January this year 2010, SUN became a part of the Oracle Corporation, when Oracle acquired SUN Microsystems. The future journey of SUN would be as a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation.


The History Of Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems - History

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