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How to Change Font Size on a Nook

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"How to Change Font Size on a Nook"
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One of the most useful features of nook by Barnes & Noble is the ability to change font size.  Font sizes range from extra small to extra extra large.  Changing the text size only takes a few seconds so it is worth playing around to see which size works best for your vision.  To avoid confusion, note that nook menu refers to font size as text size.

Users often make the mistake of looking for text sizes under settings.   The most important thing to remember when working with a nook is that menus are available only at the point when they are needed.  In other words, you can’t change the text size until there is text on the screen to be changed. 

Change the text size in five easy steps:

Open a book so that text is visible on the reading screen. On the menu touch screen, use your finger to scroll down to Preferences and tap. On nook menus, scrolling down means moving your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top. Tap Text Size. Choose the text size you want and tap with your finger.  A check mark will appear next to your choice and the font with resize automatically. Repeat steps until text is easily read.

Also within the Preferences menu is the option to change the text font.  Changing the font may also improve your reading experience. Three font styles are available to choose from.

Important note:  If the menu screen goes dark while you are working, tap the n above the touch screen to bring it back.  To extend the time between the last touch and the screen going dark, use the Settings menu button.  Touch screen timer options are found under Display.  

The text size change will remain in effect on each title.  However, the change will not affect any other titles in your library. You will need to adjust the text size or text font on each book you open from your library. Document files in a .pdf format may not give users the option to adjust text size.

User manuals for nook and nook color are available on the Barnes & Noble website,  If face to face instruction is needed, take your nook into any Barnes & Noble store and staff members will walk you through the steps.

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