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How to Install Minecraft

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"How to Install Minecraft"
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MineCraft is an independent  game developed and published by Markus Persson with both single player and multi player features. The game itself has recently become a Internet phenomenon in gaming circles, possibly due to MineCraft's old school look and feel. Although the game is still in development, it is very much playable.

Some of the more interesting facts about MineCraft is that the massive world map is randomly generated, and the viewpoint is first person. There's currently no storyline to the game but players will have fun developing a world all their own while defeating monsters. In addition there are two versions of the game at this time, Alpha and Classic.

Classic mode is free and playable within browsers yet the Alpha mode is download-able and has to be purchased. However, for a game that is so innovative MineCraft can be hard for some players to install. The game is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and even Linux so lets take a look at some of the ways to install MineCraft.


Users of Microsoft Windows have it easy, as they will typically only need to download and click on the file to install it. MineCraft.exe is the first file that users will want to try and download, and if for some reason that doesn't install and play then try this MineCraft.exe. Both of these files are found at the download page of MineCraft's official website.


Again, Mac OSX also have it easy and will be able to play MineCraft in no time. All they need to do is check out MineCraft's download page for MineCraft.zip. After that Mac users just extract the application and run it. Could this creative game be what Mac OSX users have been waiting for all this time?


Possibly the hardest set of instructions to install MineCraft are for the Linux operating systems. Users will need to download MineCraft.jar, which may be executable already but to make sure users will need to change the permissions on it. In Ubuntu this is typically done by right clicking, going to properties, and then marking it as executable.

Make sure to have Java installed and running during the process of installing on all three operating systems. Users can typically find Java installation packages easy on-line at Java.com. After installing players can enjoy MineCraft and all of its upcoming updates. Will MineCraft ever be ported to Xbox Live or the Playstation Network? We'll have to wait and see.

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