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How to Send Sms from the Internet to a Cell Phone

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"How to Send Sms from the Internet to a Cell Phone"
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Text messaging between mobile users has become one of the most popular forms of communication between two people. In subway stations, shopping malls, and even at work, you will see numerous people typing away on the keypads of their cell phones to send messages to friends or loved ones.

But what about those that do not have a cell phone? Is there a way to send a text message to someone from the internet?

The answer is definitely yes. If you're one of those people lacking a cell phone yet still want to send a message to someone, simply go to their mobile service provider's website. Listed below are the most common carriers and links to their text messaging options:


• Verizon Wireless (1-way texting):

• Verizon Wireless (email texting): 10-digit (

• AT&T Wireless (email messaging): 10-digit (

• T-Mobile (1-way messaging):


• Bell Mobility Canada (1-way messaging):

• Bell Mobility Canada (email messaging: 10-digit (

• Rogers Wireless Canada (1-way messaging):

• Rogers Wireless Canada (email messaging): 10-digit (

• Telus Mobility Canada (1-way messaging):

• Telus Mobility Canada (email messaging): 10-digit (


• To all UK mobile networks:

• Most worldwide mobile networks:

You can also use a search engine to locate any other additional SMS websites; however many of them will require you to sign up for access to text messaging.

The majority of carriers will offer email text messaging; this is a very handy feature to use...once you send your message, the mobile user can reply to your message and their return message will show up in your email inbox. The other method, 1-way internet text messaging, will only allow you to send messages to the mobile user but they cannot reply back.

If you're one of many who still do not have a cell phone, never can still text your friends or loved ones online, without the high cost of cell phone bills!

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