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How to Set the Slip Sheet Tray on a Ricoh Copier

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"How to Set the Slip Sheet Tray on a Ricoh Copier"
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On many Ricoh copiers, you have the ability to insert a slip sheet - a sheet that already has text or images on it - into a copy job.  One of the main reasons for using a slip sheet is if you only have a black and white copier, but you need to put a page with color on it into the booklet, pamphlet, or handout you're copying.  If you have copies of the color page (from a color copier or printer) you can insert them anywhere into your black and white copy job as slip sheets.

This article describes how to set up a slip sheet tray on a Ricoh Aficio MP7001 copier.  These instructions will also apply to other copiers in the same family - the MP6000, MP7000, MP8000, MP6001, and MP8001 - and for other Ricoh copiers with the ability to use slip sheets, the steps will be similar, if not identical.

To set a slip sheet tray:

1.  Press the User Tools/Counter key on the upper left side of the operation panel.

2.  On the touch screen, select System Settings.

3.  Go to the Tray Paper Settings tab.

4.  Using the arrows on the bottom right of the screen, scroll down to page 3 of 3 and touch Slip Sheet Tray.

5.  Select the tray you want to use for your slip sheets.  (If the slip sheets are thick or unusual paper, it's a good idea to use the bypass tray.)

6.  For the Apply Duplex setting, choose Yes or No depending on if you want the slip sheet to be duplexed.

7.  For the Display Time setting, choose At Mode Selected if you only want the copier to display that the specified tray is used for a slip sheet tray when "slip sheet" has been selected, or Full Time if you always want that specific tray displayed as a slip sheet tray.  (If you're not sure, Full Time is a good choice so that someone doesn't choose that tray to copy from and accidentally use your slip sheets.)

8.  Press OK to save your settings.

9.  Press the User Tools/Counter key to exit out of the User Tools mode.

If the paper you are using for a slip sheet is not standard plain paper, you should also set the paper type for the tray that you picked (which can also be found under the Tray Paper Settings tab).  To turn the slip sheet tray off when you're done using it, just go back into the Slip Sheet Tray settings and deselect the tray you had picked, then click OK to save the change.

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