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How to use Shopkick for Automatic Checkins at Retail Locations

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"How to use Shopkick for Automatic Checkins at Retail Locations"
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If you own credit cards or perhaps are a member of one of those frequent flyer clubs, then you know all about the concept of a rewards program.  In the case of these examples, you the consumer are rewarded with points, gift cards, and other goodies for purchasing a particular good or service from a participating merchant.  It can be rewarding, but the one catch in most of these cases is that you have to spend big to earn big.  Oh and lest we forget that most of the rewards your interested in are high point items, meaning you have to save forever to get them.

Well what would you think of a rewards program where you could accumulate points for yourself simply by walking in the front door of some of your favorite retailers?  Sounds like a sweet deal, doesn't it?  If it does to you, and you’re a user of an iPhone or Android, then there is an app coming out soon for you that will make you smile.  The name of the app is Shopkick, and it will certainly make you look differently at rewards programs in the future.  How can you beat a program that rewards you for just walking in the door?  Don't get it wrong, you also are rewarded for buying as well if you choose, but it’s not a requirement!  Your next question will probably be "what's the catch, it must be hard to do".

Wrong my friends, it's just about as easy as the rewards program itself.  Turn on that iPhone or Android smartphone and go to your app store.  Go to Shopkick and download the app.  Did that sound too complicated for you?  Didn't think so, and as you start to use the app, you will realize that the download was really the only thing you need to do.  When you get ready to go shopping, make sure you have the app turned on, and then simply enter the store.   When it debuts in late August on the iPhone, stores like Best Buy will be on there, followed by Macy's and others are promised to appear as the app gets off the ground.

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What other way can you earn points besides walking into a store, for surely you do not get enough reward points for simply walking in.  Well, the point system has not been announced yet, but there are definitely other ways to score.  You can get more points by simply scanning items in the store that you are looking at. You have to assume the company gets something from retailers that get scanned, but for you the consumer, it’s another exciting way to earn.  Once you’re in the store, the app can also periodically kick off special Shopkick deals which if you choose to take advantage of, will also help you not only save, but earn reward points.  At this point, it should be mentioned that they are not called reward points, but rather kickbucks!  Kind of a catchy name, don't you think?

So you do your thing and you have accumulated many kickbucks.  Now what can you redeem these kickbucks for? If you go to the Shopkick website, you will find such prizes as Facebook Credits, gift cards from retailers, small devices such as iPads, music downloads, and other great gifts down the line.  If you’re more into spending on your fellow man, you can even donate the points you a favorite participating charity.  If you have interest in any of the cool things that pop up within the app (offers) all you have to do to take advantage is give the salesperson your mobile number and its yours!

How does Shopkick provide this service?  Well you have to think about the Foursquare app that you might see appear on your Facebook periodically.  You know the one where it announces where your friends have checked in at recently.  Well it uses this same Foursquare technology to power its system, so it’s actually very clever.  However, one thing to remember.  Say you’re out with a friend that you don't want anyone to know about.  Umm, you better turn the app off before you stroll into somewhere that’s a participating member.  Otherwise it will show you were there and all of the sudden your Ricky Ricardo looking at Lucy saying, "You got some explaining to do!"

Certainly, this seems like a worthwhile app to download and use.  Even if your don't buy, entering and browsing can pay off for you big time.  Go to this site: and simply click on the subscribe button for now to be alerted when the app is ready for download to your device.  Once it’s up, simply turn it on and enjoying your shopping and browsing experience that much more!

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