Internet Troubleshooting

Internet Troubleshooting

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When you need to find something on the Internet, the first thing that comes to anyone's mind is to search for it with Google. Google is the most popular and frequented search engine in the world, and rightly so, as it has high accuracy and an enormous site index, as well as the ability to find results that other search engines fail at. This one powerful search engine grasps 65 per cent of the market share, and constantly updates its search algorithm to maintain control of the market and deliver a premium service to users.

Whilst Google is an excellent search engine, there are other powerful search engines available that rival the corporate giant, or can be used with it for specific purposes. Dogpile is one such engine, which was created by Infospace as a time saving tool to peruse all the results of Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft's Bing at once. It achieves this through meta-search technology, taking the results of all three of these search engine giants, and eliminating duplicates between the sites to give you results that you wouldn't have found through the use of Google alone. This is the main difference between Dogpile and Google.

Google is still more efficient at finding results however, as its powerful algorithm deals away with spelling mistakes and sloppy queries, and gives the most relevant search results to the original query. It can only search through its own index however, which although large, contains only 11.7 per cent of results that may be shared with the other search engines Dogpile combines into its results. This means that a Dogpile search can give you many more results to work with, and can be especially useful when trying to find vague articles and the like.

Whilst Google can run a search in any language, Dogpile queries can only be searched for in English, which can be a drawback of the search engine. Google also offers plenty of different searches and databases of information that Dogpile lacks, such as Google's excellent map and navigation tools, Google book search, integrated email, and news story database.

Given the ability of Dogpile to bring together the unique results of three powerful search engines, and show them based on relevancy, it is useful to explore a larger portion of the Internet than is possible with Google, but Google is still a world ahead of the rest, leading the search engine race on quality, accuracy, and functionality.

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