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Iphone App Review Checkpoints Rewards how to Earn Prizes

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"Iphone App Review Checkpoints Rewards how to Earn Prizes"
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CheckPoints is an App for iPhone and claims it will reward you simply for doing what you normally do. Checkpoints offer points simply for going to your local stores and checking out products that you may not normally notice. These points can then be redeemed for prizes which include electrical items, gift cards from big names like Amazon and iTunes or even air miles.

To use Checkpoints you must download it from the App Store. Once ready you can load it up on your phone and it will instantly tell you nearby stores that you can "Check In" at. This gains you points simply for visiting stores in your local area. Once nearby you tap "Check In" and the points are transferred to your account. Once this is done you can search for additional points at your location, for example grocery stores will have additional points for certain products.

To gain these additional points, you can search on your phone, aisle by aisle, for products that will gain you points. Then once you have found these products on the shelf, all you need to do is to use your phones camera to scan the barcode and the points are yours. Each time you scan a barcode you will be taken to a mini game in which you can earn even more bonus points or special promotions.

You can even earn points for inviting your friends to CheckPoints. You can link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and share tips with your friends about how to earn points quickly and of course see your friends' tips too. Once you have your points, you can redeem them straight from your phone. Many of the gift cards will be sent to your email address so you can use them instantly. Just click on the rewards section and look at which rewards you have enough points, tap redeem and the job is done.

CheckPoints offer a range of prizes from gift certificates for some of the most popular retailers and restaurants, to airline miles and electronics. You can even donate money to charity through CheckPoints although how much is not clearly stated yet. As of October 2010 there are a range of prizes with the lowest requiring 405 points for air miles, and the most requiring 418,500 for a Hermes Birkin Handbag. To put it in perspective, $5 dollars off at is 1,500 points and a Wii console is 60,000 points. 

CheckPoints is downloadable from the iPhone App store. What are you waiting for?

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