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Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch App Store Review Bumper Ball Free Puzzle Game Ball on Grid Game

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"Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch App Store Review Bumper Ball Free Puzzle Game Ball on Grid Game"
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Bumper Ball is a puzzle game in which players have to move balls around a grid for as long as possible until the board is full. Players survive by linking up five or more of a single colour in a row to clear them from the board on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It was created by Starlight Studio and released by HAILEI HU. The game is currently free to download. It will appeal to all ages and most of all to fans of puzzle games.

Bumper Ball takes place on a nine by nine grid, on which a few coloured balls are placed. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible by combining balls of the same colour in rows of five or more. What makes this difficult is that for every ball the player moves, three more are randomly added to the grid. The balls can only be moved to spaces which there is a clear path to, making the game harder as the board becomes full. There are five colours of ball available: red, blue, yellow, green and purple.

Losing is inevitable and this means that the thing that separates the winners from the losers is the score received. Survival is based upon how many times the player can clear five or more balls from the field. It is crucial to plan ahead and to take advantage of the fact that the next three balls are shown at the top of the screen.

The graphics of this game are fairly basic, but they satisfy enough for the game to be enjoyable, there really is no need for anything more. The soundtrack on the other hand is classical music and the creators could not have picked a more sobering and depressing piece of music. As the game can take place over quite a while it does really dampen the mood and many users will need to turn the sound off. The music is beautiful but not fitting for a puzzle game.

Bumper Ball is a great little game. It will not make headlines or draw much attention, but it is a well thought out game which is enjoyable to play. The application works very well and is kept as simple as possible. All the features of the game are nice, with only the music being slightly strange. The game is really worth a download and as it is free there is nothing stopping players enjoying Bumper Ball.

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