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Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch App Store Review Gift Ideas for Men Xmas Christmas what to Buy

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"Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch App Store Review Gift Ideas for Men Xmas Christmas what to Buy"
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Gift Ideas for Men is an application that is designed to make suggestions of perfect Christmas gifts for the man in your life. Twenty ideas are available at the tap of a finger on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It was created by Xmas Christmas Fun Games and released by Alex Crasson. It is currently free to download however there is an age limit of 17. This is because in the iTunes store it is listed as containing nudity, violence, drug and alcohol references and gambling, which it must be stated is not the case. There are no adult themes in the application.

The application is free because it advertises another of Xmas Christmas Fun Games' releases, called "Xmas Truth or Dare"  which the player has the choice to download for free. This appears as an advertisement bar throughout the app. Once the App has loaded, the first gift idea will be displayed.

Here is a short summary of the twenty gift ideas within the application. The first idea is Selk Bag which is a sleeping bag suit designed for the man who enjoys camping. Next up is the Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock which is an alarm clock that has wheels and when the alarm goes off, the clock drives around the floor at random, forcing the user to have to get out of bed to turn it off. The third idea is an Omni Massage Roller Ball which is used for massaging the back.

The next idea is the Powerball which is a gyroscope used to train arm, finger and wrist muscles. Next up is the Gorillapod which is a camera tripod in which the legs can be bent 360 degrees so they can be moved on any surface to provide the perfect support. Suggested next is a Digital Photo Frame which displays photographs electronically. The next suggestion is a wall mounted Can Crusher which at the pull of a level will crush drinks cans.

Global Warming Mug is the next suggestion which shows the map of the world which appears as though the ice caps have melted when hot water is poured into it. The next suggestion is the brilliant Gin and Titonic, which is an ice cube tray which creates ship and iceberg shaped cubes. The next suggestion is perfect for a man who loves to read, and is the Amazon Kindle e-reader. Swedish Fire steel is the next suggestion which was developed by the Swedish Defence Department to light a fire under almost any condition. The next gift idea is the pocket fishing rod, which is four foot long but shrinks to 8 inches.

The next idea is a BBQ sword that has a fork on the end for cooking. The boys toys theme continues with a Robotic Arm which is radio controlled. Next is a clever Pets Eye View camera which can be attached to a pet’s collar and can shoot 15 photos at preset intervals so that users can see what their pets get up to. The suggestion that comes next is a Bike Mounted Speaker for the iPod so that users can listen as they ride. The next is a Coin Counting Jar which counts the number of coins entered through it using the size of the coin as the guide for the value. A wooden puzzle is next called Don't Break the Bottle in which a wine bottle is placed, forcing the user to have to solve the puzzle to access the wine. The final two ideas are a Unicycle and Remote Control Helicopters to bring out the child inside any man.

The app is really good for suggesting ideas and is really worth a download. The app is free and can be really helpful and shows some items that most people will never have seen before.

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