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Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch App Store Review World War Desert Edition Free Game Mmo Mafia Wars Style

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"Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch App Store Review World War Desert Edition Free Game Mmo Mafia Wars Style"
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In World War - Desert Edition it is 2012 and the world is at war. There are only five super powers left: USA, UK, Germany, China and Russia. Players will choose a side and then fight in the war, all from their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Build an army with air, ground, infantry and sea units, house them in buildings and make alliances with friends. This Desert Edition contains extra Mideast Desert Missions once the player reaches level 27. World War - Desert Edition is a Massively Multiplayer Online game and was created by Storm8 Inc. It is currently free to download. This will appeal to fans of Mafia Wars and other similar games

The game is very similar to Mafia Wars but with a different setting. Players have health, energy and ammo which are used during the game. There player has two choices of game play to choose from: Missions or Battle. In the Mission mode, energy is used to complete set missions in the war. For each mission completed the player receives experience points and money, and sometimes even has the opportunity to win loot. In the Battle mode, players will fight against other players from around the world and use their ammo to attack. The result depends upon the stats of the players and the units they hold. In each battle both sides will lose health and ammo, but the winner will win experience and money.

This Desert Edition is basically the same as the previous World War release, only it offers extra missions in the game. It also comes with twenty seven free World War Honor Points which can be spent in-game. This is really a release to regenerate interest in an older game and can be treated as an update, rather than a whole new game. The game does cleverly allow the transfer of all saved data over to the new version so downloading World War - Desert Edition is really a sensible idea for fans of the original too, because not only can they continue playing as normal, but they will receive the extra free Honor Points. 

The game is a continuation of a successful formula which doesn't require the player to be actively playing for long and can be returned to sporadically whenever the player feels like it. This is perfect for a mobile game; for those moments in life which require a few minutes wait. The game is fun and easy to play, sometimes frustrating when the player wants to play more but is limited by the amount of energy or ammo, and as this game is currently free, there is very little to say that is bad about World War - Desert Edition.

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