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Mega Snake 2 Hd Iphone App Review Ipad Ipod Touch Snake Nokia Game Mobile Phone Itunes Store

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"Mega Snake 2 Hd Iphone App Review Ipad Ipod Touch Snake Nokia Game Mobile Phone Itunes Store"
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Mega Snake 2 HD is a game in which players must guide a hungry snake around a map, eating apples and collecting coins while avoiding the edge and stones placed around the map. The game was created by NER Brothers and is the sequel to the popular iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch game, Glow Doodle Snake. The game is currently free to download but this is for a short time only.

Mega Snake 2 HD is a new variation on the classic Snake game made famous by Nokia mobile phones. This version however has some changes that make the game original and exciting. The game has a shop in which new skills can be purchased for the snake to use which create new opportunities during game play. The player also has hearts and can hit stones and the wall until their hearts run out, rather than the usual style which ends upon the first hit.

The game itself has two modes: Endless and World Championship. Endless mode is just simple one player mode in which players keep playing until they run out of hearts. The World Championship mode is an online game in which players compete against each other, trying to score as much as possible.

Mega Snake 2 HD contains four control methods for players to choose from: Touch, Slide, Directional Arrows and Joystick. These are pretty self explanatory; the touch requires the player to tap in the direction, slide requires the player to slide in the direction. The directional arrows appear as up and down or left and right depending on the current direction the player is moving in. The joystick is simply a joystick on the chosen side of the screen. There are also lots of items available from the store to customise the game including four locations, five skills, and many other items which customise the snake.

The game has very good graphics and really brings the Snake game up to date, but the game itself is simply not enough of a step forward. There is extremely little tutorial which means that none of the skills get explained to the player, and this is frustrating and removes the excitement of gaining them. The music is annoying and really does stand out and is overpowering. The game itself is not very varied and have four locations does not do anything for the game as the shapes of the maps are exactly the same. Mega Snake 2 HD is a good version of Snake, but it is only worthwhile if the game is free.

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