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Negatives of Social Networking

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"Negatives of Social Networking"
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Social networking sites have grown tremendously in popularity over recent years, they offer an easy way to quickly communicate with friends, however when studied in detail, one does see the many negatives that social networking can bring.

Socially Inactive
Social networking sites have made it accessible for individuals to meet online, this means that one may be accepting a friend request from a person that they do not know at all or one that they barely know in any destination in the world. Some people can start becoming social inactive by slowly withdrawing from meeting up and socialising with their friends and family and start to just use social networking sites as their main point of interaction and communication.

Furthermore, those who are shy and unable to easily make friends in real life may see this as a great opportunity to meet others as a computers ‘firewall’ will always protect them from rejection of friendship. This can again create them to become further despondent, thus sometimes social networking sites may start to make certain individuals less social.

This is a major drawback; if one wants to meet new people they should take the initiative and meet new people, by going to different events and having the courage to speaking to them. Adding somebody you do not know in real life on a social networking site is not really being social, as you can go out and meet people in real life instead. This is a much safer way of meeting new people and boosts self confidence and esteem.

Online Predators
There are many people out there on the internet who are not as they seem to be online. They target their prey online when they see the photos and updates on their lives, while these pictures may be a great way to update your friends and family on your actions, others who do not know you at all can view your pictures online. This is a dangerous way for them to keep up to date in your life and maybe even start stalking you.

Many individuals meet new people online however the reality is that one never knows if that individual is a stalker or online predator. There have been many stories published such as incidents like these and while it may seem like a world away in the media storm, the reality is rather harsh. This is especially dangerous for young teenagers who are not aware of this, as it makes them extremely vulnerable and prone to these people who pose as friendly individuals on the internet.

On social networking sites, most require those who sign up to provide them with their details to put on their profile, this is so one can be accessible and so other can find them. However, this means that those who do not even know you can see your age, location and display picture. This can result in a stolen identity and can also result in stalkers and predators.

In addition, some profiles will have pictures of their friends, family and maybe even their date of birth! This is personal information which can be displayed by many if one’s profile is publically available and again can result in a stolen identity.

Rifts in Friendship
If you are currently using a social networking site look at the friends (that you know in the real world) that you do have on it, what you may find is that they will have deepened. However, look at the friends that you do not have on your social networking site, what may find here is that they have widened. This is a major problem of social networking sites, they create rifts, otherwise which may have not been created if not for social networking sites. Fixing this by interactive with your other friends who are not on these sites will improve your social inactiveness to the level that it once was. While social networking sites may seem like a great way to keep in contact, certainly the best for humans psychologically is when two individuals are actually in each other’s company.

An alarmingly number of people spend a lot of time on social networking sites, such as teens and those who are at work. Many companies have started to ban social networking sites while at work as this results in employees communicating with friends instead of working. This may be due to some individuals getting addicting and spending much more of their time on these websites.  

Despite the fact that there are many advantages of social networking sites, there are also a plethora of negative aspects such as the above, as a result this is why there is stress on young adults and all others for that matter to protect their personal information online and make sure that they are putting all their personal information online.

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