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Pimple Popper Iphone App Review Ipad Ipod Touch Free Game Lite Spot Popping Scab Peeling

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"Pimple Popper Iphone App Review Ipad Ipod Touch Free Game Lite Spot Popping Scab Peeling"
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Pimple Popper Lite is a game in which players are required to squeeze different types of zits from various people's faces. The players are required to scratch, squeeze and peel using the touch screen of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The game was created by Room Candy Games and this Lite version is free to download; however the full version of the game costs $0.99.

Pimple Popper is a strange concept for a game, attempting to make players laugh at some of the most disgusting parts of daily life. The game presents the player with a person’s face and asks for the player to zoom in, in search of various forms of impurities. Once the player has discovered one, the first level tutorial begins and explains how to get rid of each type.

There are four types of impurity for the player to deal with in Pimple Popper: Blackheads, Whiteheads, Full Blown Pimple and Pimple Scabs. Each requires a different technique to remove them. The blackheads require scratching the top off, and squeezing the insides out. The whiteheads require squeezing around the perimeter of the whitehead until the puss comes out, without scratching the centre. The full blown pimple requires slow squeezing in the same manner. The pimple scab, which is possibly the worst of the lot on this game, requires peeling. This is done by scratching around the scab and then rolling the scab off.

The game has disgusting sound effects to accompany the actions and the on-screen cartoon graphics make the experience all the more horrible. The game is designed for people who either enjoy picking scabs and spots, or those who wish to entertain others with the application. The game itself is pretty awful and the game play is limited to the four actions. This is simply not enough to keep players buying and coming back.

The makers claim this is not only a pimple popping game, but a hidden object game, as players have to search for the pimples. This is simply trying to make the most of what they have and is not representative of the game at all. They also claim there is incredible replay value in the game, but there will be very few players that come back to this game. It is simply a quick free download and it seems very unlikely that the full $0.99 version is being sold in high quantities. Pimple Popper is one to avoid unless players enjoy making themselves feel sick.


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