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Remove Bing as Default Search Engine

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"Remove Bing as Default Search Engine"
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© is a fairly new search engine, that has recently become popular due to being bought out by computer giant, Microsoft. Of course, when Microsoft bought out Bing, they wanted to try and make it get as much publicity and market share as possible. To do this, they made it the default search engine for many windows products, and on as many things as they could. Well if you’re like me, and prefer Google, or a different search engine over Bing, here’s how to remove Bing as your default search engine.

If you’re using Firefox, to change the search engine in the box in the upper right hand corner, simply click the arrow to the left of the dialogue box you type searches into, and select the search engine you would like to use for the default for that search box.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, to get rid of Bing open up Internet Explorer web browser. Once you have Internet Explorer open, click tools, then click internet options.  Once you do this, a dialogue box should open up, which brings you to a bunch of different options. When you reach this page, click the program tab along the top of the dialogue box. This should open up a list of new options in the dialogue box for internet options. Here, you should click “Manage Add Ons”. Then you will see on the left hand side of the dialogue box, a list of add on types. Select “search providers” from this list. When you select search providers from this list, you will see a list of popular search engines. Select Google, or whichever search engine you would like as your default search engine for internet explorer, and then click “Set As Default” at the bottom of the dialogue box. Your default search engine for Internet Explorer has now been changed. isn’t a bad search engine, but I prefer Google, and many of you probably do too, especially if you are reading this article. There have been some people who are having trouble with Bing when using Firefox, but the default search engine for Firefox should be Google, as Microsoft has no ownership in Firefox, and cannot control what the default search engine is for Firefox. If you’re still having trouble with Bing, I would recommend switching to Firefox, as it’s much easier. I would really recommend switching to Firefox anyway, because as you can see, Microsoft tries to control what software you use, and limit you to using only theirs. Not to mention, Firefox is faster, safer, and easier to use, and Internet Explorer by Microsoft only seems to copy Firefox.

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