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Set up Voice Mail on a Droid

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"Set up Voice Mail on a Droid"
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The new Droid phone, manufactured by Motorola and Google, and run on the new Android version 2.0 platform, is so impressive it was awarded Time magazine's "Gadget of the Year for 2009".  Not bad, considering that the new, next-generation cell phone wasn't even on the market for a month when the award was anounced.  The Droid offers many applications (aps), over and above the basic phone, camera with 5 MP of clarity, web access and email.  Learning how to setup Voicemail on the Droid phone is very simple, and once set up, your voice mail can be personalized.  You can add pictures and voice tags with voice mail messages, the freedom is here, the choice is yours.

The Droid has made voice mail a lot more fun and easy to use, and it can be incorporated with Google Voice, so that you can have a different ring tone associated with each incoming voice mail.  Setting up voicemail on a Droid phone starts with opening a GMail email account, as well as a Google Voice email account.  The GMail account is needed, for now, to access the Google Apps Store (all apps are free for the time being) and download any apps that interest you, or that would make your voicemail experience all the more unique.

In order to setup voice mail on a Droid phone;

*    Press and hole the 1 key for 2 seconds on the Droid.  This is the quick-access key to voice mail.

*    Follow the on-screen instructions to setup your voice mail account, and to personalize greetings.

*    Once registration is completed, you can access voice mail by pressing 1 on the Droid keypad, or by touching the Voicemail icon on the Droid touchscreen's home page.

Once you have your voice mail set up, you can download and program Google Voice, in order to have your Droid phone read your voice mails to you, or transcribe them for later reading (or listening to).  Once you have received a voice mail from someone, you can personalize the greeting for when they send you another voice mail, and you can customize the ring tones so that you know who is calling, simply by the ring tone playing.  At the Google Droid App Store, there are a lot of voice mail related apps that may interest you, which give you different styles and aspects of using and customizing your voice mail.

Visual Voice mail is an application that allows you one-touch access to manage, read or listen to your voice mail messages.  In order to use Visual Voice mail, you will need to get a personalized information number (PIN) from Google.  Once you have your PIN number, tap the voice mail icon on the Droid's touchscreen display with your fingertip.  You will be taken directly to your voice mail account, and any new voice mail messages you may have, where you can read your voice mails without going through the transcribing routine.

With all of the power and speed at your fingertips with the new Droid phone, accessing and personalizing your voice mail has never been easier and faster.  Give it a try, and it just may replace your current voice mail provider.

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