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Have you ever heard a music track playing on the radio and wondered what the track was?  It's happened to us all in the past but now with the invention of Shazam, situations like this are well and truly a think of the past.  Already available for the PC and iPhone market, Shazam makes a welcome debut on the Android platform and performs admirably.

What is Shazam?

Shazam is a wonderful piece of software which uses your smartphone's mouthpiece to listen to a piece of music for approximately 15 to 20 seconds and then gives you full information about the track that was playing.  The amazing thing about this software is that it doesn't have to be a particular section of the song, Shazam will detect your song from any snippet of the track.  When a track is found, Shazam will display the name of the track, the album from which it is taken and the genre of the music.  But that's not all.  Shazam will also provide you with a link to Amazon so that you can purchase the track or the album from which it is taken, or you can click on the YouTube link to view video footage of the track and/or the artist.

How does Shazam work?

Shazam currently has access to over 8 million tracks, all catalogued so that Shazam can recognise them from any segment of the track.  Because of this cataloging, only the original tracks will return a positive result.  For example, if you are listening to a cover version or even attempt to sing the track yourself, Shazam will not return a result as what Shazam is listening to is not a match for anything in its database.

Shazam Tag Chart

By visiting, you can see which songs people are using with Shazam.  This is known as a tag.  The tag charts are just a bit of fun but it is very interesting to see what comes out on top.  The tracks currently in the top 10 of the tag charts are all unfamiliar which is no surprise really.  As well as listening to tracks off the radio or music television, Shazam will also detect songs used in television adverts which is where it really proves useful.  On the radio, a DJ will usually give you the name of the track he has just played but with TV adverts, you are not afforded this luxury.  Shazam will now do all the hard work and give you this vital information. 

Shazam is a lot of fun and is worth downloading.  You will be so amazed by its results, you will find it hard to put down.

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