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Should the Internet be Censored

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"Should the Internet be Censored"
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The Internet censored? Could you possibly filter the entire world wide web ... the largest book in the world? Should you even .. make an attempt to stop what may offend you in the name of censorship? Could you clearly define what should and should not be allowed access to the entire world at large? The beauty of the Internet is the diversity of information from many points of view. In the name of censorship should you filter this page because it talks about the reality of the situation. If your republican should you then be able to quell any opposing views democrats in particular because you feel it should be censored? Would you define that which should be censored as anything that is in opposition of your own views?

Certainly there are things that should be censored ... at least to the youth of the day who for some reason should not be aware of the sexuality that is awakening in them, because they are to young. For that matter what exactly is to young. The moral majority would have it, there opinion of censorship is one which does not allow a child who is nearly a teenager to read about what is going on with him or her. Simply because of the fact it is felt, that a youth's only objective to be one in which they marry and have children completely unaware of anything but the supposed right way of things. To say that this side should be censored because it has information on sexuality. Has artistic representations of a naked human body. So terrible right, to be able to see anothers body and to enjoy its uniqueness. Is it not true that we as people tend to learn better visually ... being that the case then why should a person not be able to look at the naked form? Perhaps they have questions, because they want to understand. Should you then silence them simply because according to the moral majority that is only to be seen in a marriage.

This topic is one which certainly has many views ... in one way it makes sense for the very young and of course for the pedophiles and strange people that most certainly exist seeing as it is really millions of computers interconnected ... with each a person with his or her own views on things ... such a diverse set of individuals, makes the internet an interesting place because people can share there own perspective. As such giving the youth of today a very extensive view on things how they are and how it should be. As some of those same youth have taken the time to offer there own experiences in easily related format. Giving those same youth a great opportunity to be well informed.

To censor is to curb the enthusiasm of the next generation who are far more ready to deal with a rather uncertain future for those of times past. A society well aware makes for a society gearing towards change. Why would such a choice be made to stop that in guise of censorship. Times have most certainly changed, at this point you have a couple of choices, you can offer your freedom of expression to the censors to do with what they wish giving away freely your constitutional rights. Or you can grasp the wonder of information availability and implement it in your own challenges. Life is full of curve balls, if you know the picture because you have the information at least then you are able to better predict where he may throw the ball. If your rather of course you can always just play a guessing game, though your average will most certainly suffer. As I said it is a choice you need to make, censorship would need to be a majority decision are you ready to make it?

Thanks for Reading ... Keep the information flowing, don't cut the flow under the guise of censorship. Know the pitcher to keep the batting average high.

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