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Sterishoe Ultraviolet Light Kills Foot Odor

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"Sterishoe Ultraviolet Light Kills Foot Odor"
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Have a problem with foot odor? Shoe Care Innovations, Inc. has just the answer you need. The company’s patented SteriShoe ultraviolet shoe sanitizer gets rid of bacteria that causes shoe odor with germ-killing ultraviolet light. After just 45 minutes of ultraviolet treatment, your shoes will be free of fungus and bacteria responsible for odor, toenail fungus and even athlete’s foot.

What causes foot odor?

According to the company, the human foot has more than 250,000 sweat glands that produce up to eight ounces of sweat each day. This leads to a damp, dark environment within the shoe that is the ideal breeding ground for odor- and disease-causing microbes. But with SteriShoe’s bacteria-eliminating technology, foot odors are a thing of the past as it hits at the root case of foot odor – the bacteria itself.

SteriShoe for diabetics

SteriShoe isn’t just for foot odor-conscious people. SteriShoe has also been recommended for diabetics by the American Diabetes Association and the American Podiatric Association. Diabetics often have poor blood circulation, leading to a loss of feeling in the feet. This loss of feeling prevents diabetics from feeling pain, which is our body’s first warning of any problem. Foot blisters or sores often go undetected in diabetics, leading to a more severe foot ulcer. Left untreated, this contributes to the 86,000 annual diabetic related amputations annually. SteriShoe helps by eliminating the bacteria in shoes, helping diabetics to keep their feet healthy.

How SteriShoe works

Ultraviolet (UVC) light has long been used as a sterilizing agent in hospitals, dental surgeries, and even in water treatment systems. Now for the first time, Shoe Care Innovations, Inc.’s SteriShoe applies the technology to the inside of your shoes. The product looks much like a shoe tree and is placed inside the shoe. When connected to a power supply, a small diode will produce germicidal UVC light that Shoe Care Innovations claims will kill 99.99% of microbes that cause unpleasant odors and other foot diseases like toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.

Safety precautions

Too much exposure to ultraviolet light can be harmful. Therefore, SteriShoe has several built-in safety features. For example, the device will only emit bacteria-killing ultraviolet light when the compression sensor detects that it is inside a shoe or when the light sensor determines that its surroundings are dark enough for the UV light to be switched on. If using SteriShoe for open-toed shoes, SteriShoe shoe bags have to be used to envelop the shoe. The device will also automatically switch itself off at the 45-minute mark.

Where to buy

SteriShoe is sold in pairs and is available in small, medium and large sizes for men and women. Each pair costs $129.95 and can be purchased online. Please note that the product is currently only available for the North American 120V power supply.

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