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Stick Cricket Iphone App Review Free Sport Game the Ashes Ipad Ipod Touch Itunes Store

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"Stick Cricket Iphone App Review Free Sport Game the Ashes Ipad Ipod Touch Itunes Store"
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Stick Cricket is a cricket based sports game in which players must make the right shot selection and time their swings to perfection. The game is an incredibly simplified version of the sport making it accessible for most audiences, whether they know much about cricket or not. The game is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and was released by Stick Sports. It is free to download; however some features of the game require the in-app purchase of an upgrade which costs $2.99.

Cricket is well known sport, but how to play it, the rules and the scoring are generally not common knowledge to anyone that does not have an interest in the sport. Stick Cricket makes the game simple; all the player has to worry about is hitting the ball. The rest of the game just slots into place and is easy to pick up. Players have a simple choice between hitting to the left or hitting to the right, and the timing of their swing. There are two on-screen buttons on either side of the screen, making this a simple task, and as soon as one is selected, the batter will swing.

There are three modes for the player to choose from: All Star Slog, World Domination and 2 player mode. All Star Slog is simply a high scoring competition where players attempt to beat their high scores over five and ten overs. An over is six consecutive bowls from a single bowler. The idea of this mode is to score as highly as possible and then trying to better that score.

World Domination mode is where players must take control of a team already halfway through a game, and have a certain amount of overs to score more points that their opponents. There are three levels which unlock after the previous is completed. This mode takes a lot of effort and is the main game mode.

The final mode is 2 player mode which can be played via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth against upgraded opponents only. In this mode players are able to bowl as well. This is done by a simple screen where options such as pace, length, line and movement are decided.

Stick Cricket is a brilliant game, but it does take a while to appreciate it. At first the game seems horribly difficult and the animations poor; however as the player grows used to the game, they begin to see what makes the game so good. It is the fact that the game doesn't take itself seriously. For example, in cricket, a duck is a player who is dismissed with no score, and if this happens on Stick Cricket, and animation of a duck appears running away from the stumps.

Stick Cricket includes lots of great features from cricket and it is the small details that make the game great. There are left and right handed batters, each bowler has their own personality making each over very different, the small umpire at the back makes the signs for boundaries and sixes, and the batter even holds the bat high when he scores a half or a full century. All these small additions give the game so much character and make it really worthwhile. The game is extremely good and although may be too simple for cricket fans, it will appeal to such a wide audience that it no longer matters. Stick Cricket is as highly recommended as a game can be. With the Ashes in full swing now, there is no better time to enjoy this game!

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