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Things that may Slow down your Computer

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"Things that may Slow down your Computer"
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Having a slow computer can be very frustrating, especially if it isn't that old!  There are quite a few things that may slow down your computer, and this article will discuss those and how to fix them.

The first thing that can slow down your computer is a virus.  Having a virus, spyware, or other malware can take up valuable CPU and memory space while your computer is trying to run your programs, ultimately causing your computer to run slower.  To get rid of these, you can run a scan using a good virus/malware protection program, such as MalwareBytes or Avast!.  To find more free protection, you can go to, which is a trusted website for having spyware-free programs.

The next thing that can slow down your computer is having too many programs that hog your computer's memory and processing power.  Especially having too many start-up programs (programs that automatically start when you turn on your computer) can cause your computer to run slow.  To make your computer run faster in this area, go to your add and remove programs list and uninstall the programs that you don't use anymore or never use at all.  Not having so many things to process will free up space for the CPU and your memory, allowing everything to run faster.

Another thing that can slow down your computer is having a "fragmented" hard drive.  This can be fixed easily by going to your computer's options and selecting "Defragment".  The time it will take your computer to defrag is based upon how fragmented your computer's hard drive currently is.

Having a disorganized registry on your computer can also slow down your computer.  This can be fixed by using a registry cleaner program.  The registry cleaner program will fix any problems and clean up your registry so that the speed of your computer can be improved.

Not having enough memory on your computer will also slow things down.  There is the RAM type memory and there is also the hard-drive type memory.  Both of these will effect how fast your computer runs.  How fast your CPU (and how much it can handle) also effects the speed of your machine.  This will require you to add more memory physically to your computer's unit, and of course this will cost you money.

Ultimately, keeping your computer clean and organized will help you to make sure that it runs quickly for years to come.

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