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Top 10 Music Apps for Iphone

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"Top 10 Music Apps for Iphone"
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The iPhone has changed the way music is made, played and received by its audience. There are many applications in the iTunes Store which can aid musicians in the creation of music as well as help them to play their music. There are also many apps which are designed to help audiences find music, whether this be to put a name to a song or to find similar music to that which the listen already knows. With the iPhone all these opportunities have been placed directly in the hands of those who will most benefit. The top ten music apps are as follows.

1. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is an online radio service which offers users the ability to enter a favourite artist, genre or song and from that information gain access to musically similar songs. The app uses patented Music Genome Technology which breaks songs down into four hundred attributes to make sure the matches that users get are exactly what they are requesting. The app is free to download. 

2. Shazam Encore

Shazam is a great problem solver. The app will name almost any piece of music that it can hear a short passage of. Simply by using the iPhone's microphone, the app will listen to the music being played and instantly return the name, artist and album of the song.  It will also provide links to the iTunes Store for users to then purchase the song. Shazam costs $5.99.

3. Guitar ToolKit

Guitar ToolKit is a kit which contains a chromatic tuner, a metronome, a massive chord dictionary and even scale information. There is a chord finder and even the ability to adjust everything for left handed players. This is everything a guitarist could want from an iPhone app. It is rather on the steep side costing $9.99 though.

4. Bloom

Bloom is a strange app to describe. Bloom is part composition aid, part musical instrument and part artwork generator. Simply by tapping the screen players can create melodies and art at the same time. When left alone, Bloom begins its music generator which creates compositions and their visuals to match. Bloom costs $3.99.

5. Chord Master

Chord Master is a library of chords for guitarists to search through. The app displays each chord visually on a fret board and tells the player the notes and the alternate positions each chord can be played in. The app is responsive to touch, allowing the user to strum the virtual guitar to hear the chord or tap each fret to hear the individual note. Currently priced at $0.99

6. Last FM

The Last FM app allows users to access their Last FM accounts on their device. By logging in, users can listen to their favourite music, purchase music, create playlists and even have new music recommended. Last FM learns from what the user listens to, to provide the best recommendations based upon the users taste. The app is free to download.

7. Ocarina

Ocarina turns the iPhone into a musical instrument and uses both the microphone and the touch screen to create an almost perfect flute replication. The user simply has to blow into the microphone while holding various points on the screen. Users can upload their music so others can listen too. The app currently costs $0.99

8. Band

Band is an app designed to help musicians create music. Band has a collection of virtual instruments including the guitar, piano, bass, and drums. It is even possible to mix the instruments together to create a song. There is a 12 bar blues instrument that allows anyone to become a blues master. It currently costs $3.99

9. Capital FM

Capital FM is an Internet radio app which gives the user access to loads of local stations from all across the UK. Users can listen to all of the Capital, Heart and XFM radio stations from across the country. It provides users with information on what show is currently being played and is free to download.

10. Rock Band

Rock Band is a music replication game in which players must play along to their favourite songs. Players are able to sing, play guitar, bass or drums on this handheld version of the console hit. The store has plenty of songs so there is always going to be that perfect song for everybody. It currently costs $4.99

These are the Top Ten apps available for music at the moment, providing something for everyone. There are Apps for musicians creating and playing music, Apps for fans looking for new music or wanting to listen to the radio and even Rock Band so people with no musical talent at all can still feel centre stage.

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