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   is a website where people can watch some of their favorite TV shows for free. There are literally hundreds or thousands of websites similar to TVDuck out there on the web, but TV duck is one of my favorites. These sites are technically legal, because they aren’t actually hosting the television shows, most of which are copyrighted material (anything that is on mainstream television is copyrighted), they are simply an index of links where you can find websites that do have this material hosted. The sites that host the actual material are the sites that are violating the copyright law, which is why TVDuck or any of the similar sites go without much harassment from law enforcement.                  

            Some of the things I like the most about TVDuck is that it has literally every television show that I would like to watch. Pretty much any mainstream show, both old and new can be found and watched often times for free on the internet. Of course, these videos are of various qualities, anywhere from direct DVD rip, to VHS type quality of video. Often times, I find the material to be of quality somewhere in between. Another thing I like about TVDuck is that its advertisements are present, as that is their main source of revenue, but not so obnoxious that the functionality of the site is impaired. My favorite thing about TVDuck is that it has no spyware, adware, or viruses on the site, unlike some of its competitors that I have reviewed in the past. TV Duck features some of its most popular shows on the home page, and then also has a search bar, incase you’re looking for a different show. The shows on the home page are often shows that are currently offering new episodes, and are very popular.

            What I dislike about TVDuck is that it does require you to sit on a “waiting page” for 5 seconds while you stare at advertisements, before bringing you to the actual website where the video is hosted.  Also, the quality of the video isn’t as high as you would see if you streamed the content directly from the TV networks website, or if you streamed it from a paid service such as Netflix. The advantage of TVDuck over those websites, is that for one its free, and that TVDuck offers much more episodes than the TV networks site, which usually only offers the past few weeks episodes, where TVDuck usually offers every episode of a particular series.

            Overall, if you’re looking to watch TV on the web for free, search Google for “Watch (Name of TV Show), and then often times TVDuck will come up.

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