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Ways to prevent your cell phone from overheating.

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"Ways to prevent your cell phone from overheating."
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Cell phones, especially modern day smart phones with all of their hi-tech features and built in gadgets are often subject to overheating. The overheating of a cell phone, whether the battery or the device itself, can cause damage to your hardware over a space of time and it can even result in its eventual demise. However, actually keeping your cell phone cool is very easy and every cell phone owner is capable of doing it. Here is a guide that will shed light on how to keep your cell phone from overheating.

Turn it off when not in use

One of the most effective ways of preventing your cell phone from overheating is also the most obvious. Simply turn it off when you are not using it. Do not leave it on at night even if you are using it for the alarm to wake you up in the morning as most modern day phones will activate automatically when you set the alarm. Leaving it on when not in use will drain the battery, and it will also cause it to overheat which can damage it over time. Simply do not leave it switched on when you are not using it or when you are not expecting any important calls or texts.

Switch off battery draining features

Many features of a cell phone can cause the battery to drain quicker but in doing so, they also cause the battery to overheat and the cell phone itself can suffer from overheating as a result. These features include the Internet, mobile games, Bluetooth and even cameras. Always use the phone lock to your advantage so that you do not accidentally click on a battery draining feature while walking. Turn off all features that can cause overheating when you are not using them for the sake of your device.

Store it away from direct light and heat

Proper storage is essential to keeping your cell phone safe from overheating. The way that you store it can help keep it working for longer. Do not store it in direct sunlight and do not store it in a pocket that is likely to get very hot very quickly. Instead, store it in a drawer or on a shelf away from the sun or keep it in a pocket that is not prone to overheating so that the device too will not become prone to overheating.

If you are looking for the best and most effective ways to keep your cell phone working for longer, you simply need to adopt common sense methods of preventing it from overheating. The methods mentioned above will help keep your device safe from overheating so that it will be alive and working perfectly for much, much longer. Simply turn it off when not in use, switch off battery and overheating prone features such as games, Bluetooth, Internet and others and ensure proper storage away from sunlight drenched areas and pockets prone to overheating.

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