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Wifi Blu Ray Players new Standard

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"Wifi Blu Ray Players new Standard"
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            The latest technology in terms of home theatre would be the blu ray player, as many people now know. What many people don’t realize is that there’s an even new technology than that.  There are now blu ray players that have Ethernet ports on the back, and also blu ray players with built in Wi-Fi. Obviously, the blu-ray players with the built in Wi-Fi is the latest technology, which is why the price of these players are around $250 currently, while a normal blu ray player, maybe even one with an Ethernet port can go for around $150. Now you may be asking, why I would ever need a blu-ray player that has internet connectivity. Well with a lot of today’s television and movies being able to be streamed instantly through the internet, it’s not really a surprise that people are looking to take that technology, and utilize it so they can view TV shows and movies through the internet, but on their television. This allows the user to avoid having to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on their computer monitor, which can be small, or painful on the eyes. There are a lot of different websites and services for watching video content, and having a blu ray player with internet connectivity is probably the best and easiest way of getting that content directly to your TV. Another way of getting this content to your TV is to connect your laptop to your PC through a wire purchased separately, but this can be a pain, as the sound doesn’t go through the TV, and if you only have desktop chances are the cord will not be long enough to reach the TV from your computer.

            Netflix is one of the leading companies for renting of DVDs and movies, and also of television series. Recently what Netflix has done is allowed certain movies and TV shows to be streamed instantly to your computer and even to your TV if you have a qualified device. In the past and still today these devices include Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and recently the Nintendo Wii. Of course, many of us don’t have these gaming systems, so you would either have to connect your PC to your TV, watch it on your PC, or if you get a blu-ray player soon, get one with internet and Netflix compatibility. This is probably the biggest advantage of this new technology. The internet enabled blu ray player can also be used for YouTube, and other internet watching websites, depending on the model. I know that I will be buying a blu-ray player in the near future, and I will definitely get on with built in Wi-Fi, although I may wait a little for the price to come down. It also upgrades standard DVDs to near HD quality, which is a huge plus for me.

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